Stop the Internet Power Grab!

⚠️ Congress is debating new laws that would increase the government’s control over the internet, with unintended consequences for you. Take action by sending a letter to Congress NOW!

Dear [Lawmaker],

As someone who uses the internet and digital tools in my everyday life, I'm deeply concerned about a package of antitrust legislation being considered by the Senate Judiciary Committee.

This sweeping legislation would increase government control over the internet, eliminate access to key digital tools, and render useless some of the services I use each and every day.

If passed, these new laws could also threaten the free availability of popular apps and services like Google Maps and Amazon Prime…

These laws would make it illegal for Google to show relevant Maps and Reviews at the top of a search…. It would be impossible for Amazon to offer Prime shipping and Prime Video services. It would even be against the law for Amazon to show cheaper generic items in a comparison box, so that consumers can see and compare the best deals.

Eliminating these tools would harm consumers, put American competitiveness at risk, and be a substantial step back for the internet.

I write to voice my strong opposition to these antitrust bills and urge you NOT to take away our digital tools. Congress should protect — not eliminate — the internet services I depend on every day.

When I search for information online, I trust the results are relevant and accurate. When I shop online, I expect my packages to arrive in a timely manner. And when I’m engaged in all of this activity, I believe my personal data should be respected, not put at risk by the government.

As your constituent, I ask that you represent my voice, and the voices of so many of my friends and neighbors, in Congress. Please oppose ANY new legislation that would diminish access to the digital tools and services I rely on every day.

[Your Name]

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